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SOUL MEDICINE (Healing Hypnosis)

Learn how to PERMANENTLY alleviate emotional trauma and suffering in one session!


By popular demand, I’m finally releasing my unique, life-changing method to help your clients, friends and loved ones PERMANENTLY free themselves from emotional trauma and suffering in ONE session!

Soul Medicine is a healing hypnosis modality that literally came to me while I was falling asleep one night, and was further inspired by the Ancient Egyptian teachings of RA, as well as my deep knowledge of hypnotherapy.

This is the exact method that I’ve personally used for the last 8 years to help my clients permanently alleviate deep wounds such as rape trauma, shame, self-judgment, guilt, rage, resent and many other insecurities.

While I don’t make any claims (for liability reasons) I have even used this method to help clients with certain physical dis-eases. This is possible because many dis-eases are caused by toxic emotions trapped in the subconscious and nervous system that later manifest into physical issues.



✔️ To have a simple yet effective method of transforming pain into peace
✔️ A full-spectrum holistic approach to healing that treats your clients mind, heart and soul
✔️ To help others in a way that activates and ignites your spiritual/intuitive gifts (as a side-effect of deepening in your heart & purpose)
✔️ A proven system that covers everything you need to know about trauma release from A-Z
✔️ To earn $250+/client for changing lives and making a true difference in this world


If that’s you, here’s my invitation…

Empower yourself with my Soul Medicine “Healing Hypnosis” training today:

✔️Spend 7 days going through the program
✔️Discover how EASY the lessons are
✔️Learn how to PERMANENTLY heal emotional trauma
✔️Enhance your life’s purpose by helping others TRANSFORM their pain into peace

And because this training is all about effectively creating life-changing RESULTS for your clients, you won’t just leave with “ideas” on how to permanently heal emotional trauma….


You’ll ACTUALLY walk away with:

🌀 Unshakeable confidence in offering life-changing healing hypnosis sessions
🌀 A simple yet effective hypnosis induction that always works and is DESIGNED for therapy settings
🌀 Access to a high-integrity support community to help you develop and master your skills
🌀 Tools & frameworks that will make it easy to start posting, pitching, and filling your calendar with potential clients
🌀 An alternative method of conducting Soul Medicine that does not require any hypnosis whatsoever (perfect for clients who have no resistance to receiving help!)
🌀 EVERYTHING you need to conduct successful Soul Medicine “Healing Hypnosis” sessions, even if you’ve never hypnotized a single person yet!


My mission is to empower 10,000 hypnotists, coaches and healers with Soul Medicine so that together we can create an exponential difference in the world. There are too many methods out there that only offer temporary solutions, and the people deserve better.

In the same way that hurt people, hurt people— Healed people, heal people.

It’s time we rise as Light Leaders, serve with integrity, and live as the highest expression of our gifts!

💎 90mins of “Soul Medicine” HD video training
💎 Soul Medicine “The Essentials” Guidebook
💎 Actual footage myself conducting Soul Medicine on real clients
💎 Lifetime access to the “Soul Medicine” FB support group for all your questions and needs


Which means that in less than a month, THIS COULD BE YOUR LIFE:

✔️ You feel confident and fulfilled knowing that you’re serving your highest purpose
✔️ Your client’s and loved ones find themselves PERMANENTLY free of their deepest traumas
✔️ You effortlessly gain “word of mouth” clients in ways that feel more natural, more expansive, and more aligned than anything before
✔️ You receive $250+/client—and they’re ECSTATIC to pay you for changing their lives and unlocking more of their inner-freedom!
✔️ You’re excited to work with clients in a new capacity that naturally ignites more of your spiritual/intuitive gifts (WITHOUT feeling drained)
✔️ You’re using your Hypnosis skills in ways that empower you and impact the world around you!


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