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What’s Inside the Mastercourse?

The Influencer Mastercourse takes you through the entire journey of becoming an influencer for 2024 and beyond. From better photos to paid campaigns, from more engaged followers to a deep understanding of the algorithm – you’ll learn both the creative and the business side required for an influencer career.

↓ Here’s what your study itinerary looks like: ↓

Module 0: Getting into the Right Mindset

Set yourself up for success by developing a future – forward mindset:

  • Explore how to let your fears launch you forward
  • Get comfortable confidently stating your expectations for your career
  • How to use a growth mindset to move through imposter syndrome
  • Open yourself up to the possibility of very. real. success.

Module 1: Establishing a Personal Brand

Be excited about who you are – and the unique value only you can provide:

  • Get laser focused about your niche and your Zone of Genius (AKA what your audience will constantly DM you about)
  • Establish a strong personal brand online (you’ve def got one!)
  • How to write a bio that attracts your DREAM following – and how to communicate with them!
  • The 3 different IG accounts that exist – and which one your biz needs
  • Develop the foundations of your personal strategic content creation plan

Module 2: Decoding the Algorithm

Learn how to make the algorithm your best friend and ally – make it help you:

  • How the algorithm ACTUALLY works – and why there’s so much confusion about it
  • The 3 algorithm phases that will take your posts to the Explore page
  • 3 crucial factors of high-ranking photos and videos

Module 3: Mastering Photography

Design visual content that’s inspiring, personable and genuine:

  • How to take incredible photos and videos without having to buy a fancy camera
  • How to plan a successful photoshoot
  • The secret to my most-liked photos (hint: it’s all about the set-up)
  • Cut down your editing time by using my editing process and presets
  • Stand out with advanced editing techniques using Lightroom

Module 4: Creating Quality Content

Create a cohesive, authentic feed that keeps your followers coming back for more:

  • How to write captions so readers feel like you’re personally speaking to them
  • Batch out a month’s worth of content – in 1 weekend
  • Make the content creation C3 Method your own
  • Discover the strategy to long-lasting success, and how to move through trends and seasons
  • Plan your feed without anxiety about the layout

Module 5: Implementing Growth Strategies

  • Turn first impressions into long-time followers and reach the right audience (organically):
  • A step-by-step guide on how to execute 9 growth strategies to reach MORE people organically in 2024 and skyrocket your followers
  • How to get consistent exposure with hashtags
  • 4 controversial ways to gain followers (I don’t suggest them – But I want you to know what’s out there)

Module 6: Skyrocketing Growth with Reels

**NEW** Tap into the fastest growing opportunity on Instagram:

  • Everything you need to know about the Reels Algorithm
  • Anatomy of a high-performing Reel and 10 types of videos you can try right away
  • 6 Strategies for creating viral Reels to jumpstart your growth
    – including how to master trends and transitions
  • Step-by-step tutorials to make editing Reels easy

Module 7: Building an Engaged Community

Ensure your long-term success by building a community (not just followers):

  • The 4 engagement strategies you’ll want to start today
  • Discover what to post and when… and why it matters
  • 14 psychological triggers to encourage likes, saves,
    shares and DM’s
  • 4 strategies to make your Stories more interactive
  • How to become an IG Story Master (and get totally comfy on camera!)

Module 8: Monetizing

Make your passion project or side hustle fund your life full-time:

  • When you should say no to brands – and why
  • How to create a killer media kit that labels you as a VIP (no matter the size of your following)
  • Navigate press trips in a way that make brands BEG you to come back
  • Learn how to diversify your income stream (and why you’ll make more $$$ this way)
  • Use my best-performing email templates for pitching brands and hotels
  • The 7 types of brand partnerships, and how much to charge for each
  • Find out when to get a talent manager

Module 9: Understanding Data

  • Take control of your business, brand and future by getting ALL the information:
  • Feel confident looking at numbers – and know exactly what they’re telling you
  • Data-driven strategies to move your biz forward
  • Why generating performance reports could help you have your biggest month yet

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